Mental Health, Autism Spectrum Patients Struggle To Get Health Care Coverage

Judge Orders Mental Health Evaluation Of Rabbi Norman Lamm In Yeshiva University Abuse Case


Weve applied for Medi-Cal and my brother was denied, she said. Although all of his possessions were here in California, he was denied service because he was in Minnesota visiting family at the time of his application. They said he was denied approval because he was not in California at the time of the application. We are going through the process, trying to re-apply. The Los Angeles Times reported in July that California is in the process of phasing out its Healthy Families insurance program, shifting nearly 900,000 children it covered into Medi-Cal. The Healthy Families insurance program provided services to autistic children, including therapy. For many families who wont be covered by Medi-Cal, the out-of-pocket expenses will be too costly. Im afraid hes not going to make any progress from now on, said Jenny Kim, a mother who would have to pay $10,000 a month in order for her son to receive the same behavior therapy once covered by the Healthy Families Program.
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Mental Health, Autism Spectrum Patients Struggle To Get Health Care Coverage

Judge John Koeltl ordered an independent medical evaluation of Lamm, the results of which could take place as early as next week. That child sex abuse took place at Yeshiva Universitys affiliated boys high school in Manhattan and at other YU locations is not in doubt. Lamm told the Forward in December that he dealt with credible abuse allegations in the 70s, 80s and 90s as best as he could, often by forcing the abuser to leave YU but not by reporting the abuse to police. Lawyers for the many alleged victims reportedly say they want to interview Lamm as soon as it can be arranged, in case his mental health deteriorates. Lamms lawyer told the court that Lamms physician and a forensic neuropsychologist from Weill Cornell Medical College believe that any testimony from Lamm would be significantly impaired by cognitive impairment. He said that he had spoken to Lamm about significant facts about the case and that on two of those occasions, Lamm answered incorrectly. One of those discussions occurred a few months ago, Lamms lawyer reportedly told the court.
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New Incentive Challenge Offers Prize for Ideas to Increase Awareness and Utilization of Mental Health Services

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